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Finding the right mobile phone contract to match your needs is one of the hardest things for most people when looking to get a new mobile contract deal, so when you find it you don’t want to worry about your credit history holding you back. Having bad credit can mean your rejection rate for any type of mobile contract can be much higher leading to you being disappointed and confused about what to do and where to turn to make sure you don’t get rejected. With our help we can change it all around and help you get the contract phone and deal you want even if you suffer from bad credit.

If you find yourself in the situation where you are looking for a contract phone with bad credit then you need get a better understanding of the mobile market and why they reject people in the first place. The key features that will help you get that little bit closer to being approved on a new mobile deal is to find out how and where to apply for a new mobile deal, why you should check your credit rating before you apply and which contract deals offer the best acceptance rates.

The first thing we are going to cover is where is the best place to apply for a mobile contract deal to get the best acceptance rates. From our research we have found that to get the best acceptance rate you need to apply direct with the network companies that will be providing you with your mobile services. This is because they are the one that will be providing you with the phone and the one taking payment and the risk for your contract. So applying direct with them is always the best option, T-Mobile, Virgin, Orange and Three Mobile offers the best acceptance rates in the UK.

Even though these companies have the best acceptance rates in the UK market today it is always a good idea to look at your credit rating before choosing the contract you are going to apply for. Looking at your own credit report will allow you to see what these big mobile companies can see about you and what you can afford pay each month for a mobile contract. This way you can match your monthly contract price to match. You can see your credit report free online @ Experian. Viewing your report as early as possible also allows you correct any mistakes or tackle any potential pit falls in your credit history.

Not everyone is equal so as these simple points we have covered may just be another to change the odds in your favour those with really bad credit will have to consider building their credit from the ground up. This can be done by owning and keeping up payments on a mobile contract the main problem is the restriction of contracts you can get approved on in your current predicament. If you fit into this category then you will need to consider a SIM only contract, these contracts do not come with a phone so are a lot less costly and risk to issue. You can find out more about the benefits of SIM only contract by reading our “SIM only contract section”. These contracts are also great for anyone struggling to get a contract and should be considered a great alternative to applying for a full contract which can be a lot harder to get approved on. Teamed up with your own phone or with a brand new phone on finance these SIM only contracts can act just like a normal contract. Getting a new mobile handset on finance rather than from a mobile company as part of your mobile contract deal will also reduce your rejection rate as the financing you are Appling for each time is a lot lower. You can read more about phones on finance by seeing our “Phones on finance section”.

Here on no matter what type of phone contract you wish to apply for even if it is a SIM only contract or the latest IPhone contract there are no credit checks you have to pass. We never personal carry out credit check on any of our uses or ask for any banking information or history on any part of this site so you can be sure you are getting the best honest help and advice.

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