Recently Approved Mobiles

What to do if you have been refused a mobile phone contract.

Most people get refused a mobile contract in their life time for a number of different reasons. Only around half the mobile applications in the UK are ever approved. Why is this? Well there can be a number of reasons for being refused a contract; some can be very simple some can be complicated. However if you have already been refused a mobile contract, did you know you are more likely to be refused for the second one. A few rejections later and you can end up being in a spiral of rejections and not getting your hands on that contract you so badly want. This is often because once one company files a rejection it makes a mark on your credit report, if the next company see that mark was pretty soon to your new application they will often just refuse you application on that basis.

So how can you stop this from happening to you? Well the easiest way is to simply leave 2-3 weeks between your applications so any marks on your application are not so recent to flag an instant issue. Multiple applications can also make it look like your trying to lend a larger amount than you want to lend and flag your application. The next thing to do is to check your credit report to see how healthy your credit score is. This will allow you see if anything negative has pop up on your credit report recently that may be causing you a problem. Checking your report will also let you see the amount of credit you will likely be able to get approved on. So next time you apply you will have an idea of what type of contact to go for. Always try to go for the cheapest contract that suits you for the highest acceptance rate.