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Capped Mobile Contracts

Want to take back control of you pay monthly contract or looking for a contract for a teenager try a capped mobile contract! Capped mobile phone contracts are set to be the new Pay As You Go (PAYG), an easier way to keep control of mobile phone costs without the disadvantages of the traditional PAYG. If you have a capped mobile phone contract, then you receive your standard monthly bill in the same way as a conventional mobile contract phone customer, the big difference is there will be no surprises as you will always know the amount due. Capped contracts have fixed tariffs so when you take out the contract, you can specify a set amount for the monthly bill. Essentially capped mobile phone contracts offer all the advantages of PAYG and contract phones, you get the same choice of great handsets with freebies as a contract customer, but the fixed costs of a PAYG customer.

Currently the only UK networks offering capped tariffs are T-Mobile and Tesco Mobile. The T-Mobile capped contract is called the "You-Fix", customers simply set up an amount they want to pay each month, from as little as at £15.50 a month. If you find you need any extra credit, you just top up in the same way you would do as a PAYG customer. Tesco mobile also offer capped contract deals on any new tariff and on any phone they offer, just select "cap contract" when checking out.

So what makes this perfect for children and teens?

Capped contracts are great for anyone that wants to fix their budget, but they are especially good for children’s phones, with no need to worry about topping up phones anymore and the peace of mind from knowing they cannot run up a large bill unexpectedly. There are also more deals available when compared to PAYG mobile phone contracts. This means you can give teenagers a contract phone but control the spending on it. Another advantage you can give them the very latest handsets included in the contract, whereas on PAYG you would have to stump up some cash to purchase the handset if you want the most desirable phones (rest assured teenagers will definitely want the latest and greatest handsets!). All the standard benefits that you would with a phone contract are available, but with fixed costs. The only real downside is that capped contracts are still contracts, so will require a credit check, so if you have poor credit history you may have to go the PAYG route.

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