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Why you should check your credit score.

There are a number of reasons you should check your credit report. If you already know you have bad credit there can also be some additional benefits to checking your credit report. Here you will find the top 5 reason for checking your credit report.

1. Checking your credit report allows you to see exactly what has happened to your credit in the last few years. Plus it will let you see what all the companies that carry out a credit check on you see. This will let you see the total amount you owe and also give you a chance to scan your report for errors.

2. Having access to your credit report allows you to see the amount of credit you are likely to get approved on. This can help you stay below your fresh hold to ensure you donít get your next application refused.

3. If you do suffer from bad credit then your credit report can highlight problems such as overdue payment, CCJ and more. They will also provide you with a place to get the information needed to rectify any issues, contact people you owe money to or people who have placed CCJ on your account. You can then seek debt advice if needed to arrange repayments you can afford.

4. You need to check your credit report for mistakes and out of date information. Out of date info such as an old address can really hold you back when applying for any form of credit. It is always best to see how your name appears on your credit report and stick to using that name of future credit applications.

5. Your credit report will also list all current applications you have made in the last year. If you have made a number of applications recently they will all appear here. A large number of applications all, at the same time can look like fraud to a company and result in a refusal of an application.