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Did you know that only around 50% of all applications for mobile phone contracts get approved? If you have applied for a mobile and been declined or even if you have no credit history we are here to help you get approved on a mobile phone contract. After spending 5 years plus advising customers on what phone, tariff and deals are the best for them we have learnt a lot. Even If you have bad credit or have been refused there are plenty of things you can look to do to increase your chances. At Approved Mobiles we do not have any guarantee of customers getting accepted however we do have a very good connection rate which we are always working to improve.


Pick a section to read more about the contract phones we offer:

No Credit Check Mobile – If you want a standard pay monthly mobile phone then you won’t be able to get one without a standard credit check. This should not be anything to worry about and you can find out much more about no credit check mobile phone contracts on our dedicated page – Read More..

Bad Credit Mobile – If you have bad credit then a mobile phone might be out of reach. Read our bad credit mobile phone guide and we will explain the steps required to apply for a bad credit phone deal – Read More..

Guaranteed Mobile – There is not much in life that is guaranteed and a mobile phone contract unfortunately is not either. Our guaranteed section explains the myth of a guaranteed mobile deal and we explain how best to apply for a new phone – Read More..


Already Been Declined?

Phones on Finance – As an alternative to pay monthly, phones on finance could allow you to spread the cost, often without paying any interest on the cost of the phone - Read More..

Pay as you Go – Although pay as you go may not be the first option, if you compare it with some comparable contracts you may be pleasantly surprised. If you have enough cash to buy the phone upfront then pay as you go may be a much better option until your credit score improves – Read More..

Sim Only Deals – As mentioned around the site, sim only contracts offer an alternative to a traditional mobile phone deal. The benefits of sim only contracts can be found by reading our pages – Read More..

Improving your Credit Score – By improving your credit score before you sign up for a phone you can increase the likelihood of getting accepted. There are several ways in which this can be achieved such as taking out a credit builder credit card – Read More..

What to do if you have been declined – If you have applied for a mobile phone contract in the past and not been accepted it could be for a number of reasons. Look at our main reasons for being declined a mobile and you will be able to make changes so that you have an increased chance of getting accepted when you next try. – Read More..

Our Blog – Lastly if you have had issues with getting approved our blog has many tips and suggestions that will help you guide your way through the credit checks and options when signing up for a contact deal. - Read More..  


Looking for a no credit check option?

If you are really looking for a no credit check mobile phone contract in the UK your options are going to be very limited. There is only one real network that currently offers a true no credit check mobile contract that is Shebang. They also offer 100% approval rates on their SIM only contracts and on selected 12 month contract phones. However because of their limited check and high approvals handset contracts are often above average for the market. This leaves people with bad credit a little out of pocket. You can apply with this network here or see what deals our other networks have to offer above.


Tips before you apply:

- Been Declined? – See our Declined page for specific tips

- Apply directly to the network – Networks have the option of asking further questions and can take into consideration personal circumstances before making a decision which should help your application.

- Choose your network, phone and tariff carefully – By selecting a network with a good approval rate you will increase your chances. Picking a phone that is very expensive is not a good idea as this means more risks to the network requiring a higher credit score to get accepted. If you need a high allowance then take it but remember, if you can’t pay the bill and you default it will be very difficult to get another mobile phone deal.

- Apply for a sim only deal where possible – Sim only contracts still have a credit check but they do not have the risk to the phone company when offering a phone. If you apply for a rolling sim contract you can upgrade at any time. This will increase your chances ;-P

- Check your credit report before applying - When you fill out your application make sure that you tell the truth and where possible check details two or three times before submitting as simple details may cause a failure of an automatic credit check.


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