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O2 is largest leading providers in the United Kingdom for mobile and broadband services, specifically in non-voice services. This includes but not limited to text, media messaging, games music and video. In 2001, O2 was formed after the demerger from British Telecom and BT Wireless. O2 is a subsidiary of Telefonica S.A. and has established joint ventures Tesco Mobile in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and Tchibo Mobilfunk in Germany. As of 2012, O2 has more than 20 million customers across the UK.

What does O2 offers to its customers?

Business Customers
O2 offers a variety of services ranging from business phones to mobile phones, home phones and broadband to monthly tariffs or pay as you go. Businesses can purchase all-in-one packages from O2 that includes the mobile tariff, landline and broadband. Specifically, business owners with the all-in-one package received unlimited calls and texts, 1GB of data, choice of phone, wireless router, security licenses for business computers and owners have the option of transferring their existing landline number.

Individual Customers-Pay Monthly Contracts
For individuals, there are monthly and pay as you go. Depending on which payment option you choose, there are a variety of phones offered, ranging from basic phones to smart phones. Customers are can be asked to pay an upfront fee for high end mobile phones plus a monthly tariff. However, tariffs can be altered to suit each and every customerís personal needs.

Individual Customers-SIM only contract
Right now, O2 offers both 12 monthly SIM tariffs and 1 months rolling tariffs. This allows customers to keep an older phone but adjust their tariff by using a SIM card.

Home plan Customers
Donít need a mobile plan? No worries, customers can also purchase home phone line and home broadband deals. Home phone lines have two plans: evening and weekend minutes or anytime. Packages allow customers to purchase home phone and broadband together or separately.

What can O2 do for people with bad credit?
O2 has a very diverse customer based in the UK and people from all walks of life have managed to secure a contract with O2. However from our research we have found that if you have bad credit then O2 is not the best company to go with, this does not mean that you should not try and apply with O2 if you really want to go with this company. If you have bad credit and you are looking for the best networks to get approved on then you should consider either T-Mobile or Orange mobile.

O2 Coverage in the UK
As of right now, O2 only offers 2G and 3G to all mobile customers. The company recommends 2G for calling, texting, picture messaging or browsing the Internet. For faster Internet browsing, streaming music or sending videos, O2 recommends using their 3G. O2 announced that they will be running a trial to test out and improve their 4G. The trial ended at the end of summer 2012 but results have not yet been released. O2ís goal was to make 4G significantly faster Ė in the company reports, 4G runs more than ten times faster than 3G. The companyís trial area included 25 sites and spanned 30 Miles. Over 1,000 individuals were used during O2ís trial run of 4G.

O2 Reward Program
O2 features programs for loyal customers throughout the United Kingdom. One program, O2 Recycle, allows customers to sell their old phones for cash. This ensures that phones are properly recycled and will not harm the environment. The other program, O2 Priority, gives customers a chance to get tickets to concerts, events and special deals from stores before anyone else.

O2 Awards
Best Companies to Work ranked O2 as the 6th best place to work in 2008. The company has been awarded a three-star accreditation for its excellence service. Most recently, O2 placed first in 5 categories of the uSwitch Awards including best broadband provider, best broadband and home phone, best technical support, best customer service and fastest mobile broadband.

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