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The French multinational telecommunications company, Orange, represents the face of France Telecom. It is the largest company to provide telecommunication services to multinational companies. Its services include mobile phone, landline, Internet, mobile Internet and IP television services. In September 1998, Orange is launched in Hong Kong and quickly become the largest cellular provider in the market. Branches were launched in Austria, Belgium and Switzerland soon following the launch of Hong Kong. In 2000, France Telecom purchased Vodafone and in 2006, it was announced the Orange would become the sole brand for the France Telecom group. As of 2011, Orange serves more than 226 million customers.  

Orange Mobile Services
Orange offers a wide selection of services to customers across the United Kingdom nation. The company features the best pay as you go offers, pay monthly offers and broadband offers that are available at the current point in time. Orange also offers the iPhone, iPad and Windows phone to customers. There are a variety of phones offered under both the pay monthly and pay as you go options like the Samsung Galaxy or Sony Xperia T. Customers can also purchase pay as you go SIM, which allows you to update your SIM card without having to purchase a new phone. Students can save money through Orange with company student deals. The student deals vary from saving money to free SIM cards to deals under 24 pounds. There are home and mobile broadbands that can be purchased through Orange. The best broadband package includes unlimited broadband and 1,000 mobile minutes with inclusive anytime calls in the UK and 30 international destinations. Looking for an iPad or tablet? Orange offers several iPad and tablet packages on payent plans, data and Wi-Fi. If you already own an iPad, purchase an iPad SIM only card/Micro SIM card from Orange to get the best benefits and signal that Orange and T-Mobile have to offer customers.  

What can Orange do for people with bad credit?
Orange is a network that is very understanding about different peoples circumstances, thatís why they are one of our chosen networks to apply to if you do have bad credit. We have helped a number of our customer to apply direct with Orange and have seen them get the contract they wanted. If you want to be one of our customer who has succeeded getting a mobile contract this way then simply click on the apply now button.  

Orange UK Coverage
Currently, Orange offers 3G for all of its customers but it was recently announced that 4G will launch on October 30. Orange paired up with T-Mobile UK to offer 3G to 98% of the United Kingdom population. The company plans on investing improve the network over the next three years by upgrading every site in the United Kingdom network to hand more volume at faster speeds. They hope to conclude the project at the end of 2014. Orange also is updating current 2G kits that the every mast will have a 2G and 3G transmitter, allowing the best coverage for customers with 3G and customers with 2G to receive better reception both indoors and out.  

Orange loyalty Rewards
For loyal Orange customers, the company offers Orange Wednesdays. Customers have the chance to purchase 2-for-1 tickets every Wednesday for mobile, home and mobile broadband users. Orange offers 2-for-1 pizzas to accompany the 2-for-1 tickets on Wednesdays. PizzaExpress hosts the 2-for-1 pizza event in their restaurants across the United Kingdom.  

Orange Awards
In 2011, Orange was awarded the best mobile operator while the Orange Business Services won best new service. In early 2012, Orange won a global networking and security contract with Rio Tinto and Orange Business Services signed a 5-year telecoms outsourcing contract renewal with JTI.

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