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Pay as you go phones

The best alternative to getting a mobile phone contract which can tie you to a mobile network for a considerable time at a fixed price is to get a pay as you go handset. Pay as you go offers you the ultimate freedom of how much your bill will cost you and which network you choose to be with. This is because with a pay as you go handset you only pay for the minutes, text and data you use. Even better than that with new legislation in place it is now the easiest it has ever been to change from one network to another.

We offer a great range of mobile phones for you to choose from, from the latest Smartphone’s to budget busting, tech pack phones that offer all the connectivity features you would expect from any modern day phone at a budget price. We deal direct with UK mobile networks as well as a number of online mobile retailers to bring you the very best and cheapest deals on new pay as you go mobile phones.

You can even team up a PAYG phone with a new SIM only rolling contract (find out more) which gives you the option to trying out a short term contract with a network to see if it works for you. Rolling contracts can be taken out for as short as one month and are a great why of seeing a networks strengths and building up some credit history with a network you wish to get a longer contract with.