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Tips for taking out a second contract for a child

It doesn't seem that long ago that, for many of us, mobile phones were just for adults! Today the figures suggest that almost 90% of children in school have a mobile phone, in fact the age at which kids expect to get a mobile phone is getting younger and younger. It could be argued that there is a safety aspect to children having their own phones of course, so it's not all just about wanting the latest shiny gadget (although it would be naive not to realise this plays a big part!).

Once you have decided to get your child a mobile phone, you need to ensure you choosing the best mobile phone tariff for kids to keep their bills in check and make sure they stay safe. The last thing you want is to rack up large unexpected bills because you did not do your homework. The possibility of kids overusing their mobile phones while excitedly chatting to friends or while viewing videos on Youtube is of course very high, you can't really expect children to keep and eye on the cost of mobiles when many adults themselves fail to do so themselves! The truth is, it's easy to rack up a big mobile bill without realising it, no matter how old you are. So to avoid this networks have capped mobile contracts which allow you to fix the price of your monthly bill. These are great for second contracts and you can find more out about capped contracts here.

Pay as you go phones are another option as a good way to help keep costs under control. Children can only make calls and texts if there is enough credit available, so it's easy to keep track of exactly how much their phone use is costing. Many networks also offer free emergency credit so even the safety angle is always covered as they will still be able to make a call if their credit has run out. On the down side the latest smartphones on PAYG cost a fortune, you can guarantee that your kids will not be happy with a basic dumb phone from last year, they will want the latest and coolest handset which could cost hundreds of pounds on PAYG, plus there is the real possibility that you could get nagged to death for more top ups before the end of the month!

For older children that are more responsible, contract phones will probably still be the best option. Many networks offer one month rolling contracts which can easily be cancelled within 30 days if spending gets out of control. There is also the option of capped contract phones nowadays which give the best of both worlds, the fixed costs associated with PAYG, but with the latest smartphones and great deals.

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