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Tesco Mobile Capped Contracts

Tesco are the only network in the UK that offers capped contracts on all their contract and SIM only phone deals (in addition they are currently the only network offering the iPhone on a capped contract for free). The Tesco capped feature lets you cap your tariff, giving the great value of Pay monthly with the advantages of PAYG - no unexpected surprises on your bill! Capped contracts are a good choice for those looking to cap their own spending on mobiles, and for those who ar responsible for their kids spending on mobile phones.

With Tesco Mobile capped contracts you get your usual monthly allowance, but if you use all your call allowance or data before the end of the month, then you simply top-up as if you were on a Pay as you go phone. The capped monthly allowance can be used for calling UK mobiles, UK landlines, UK voicemail, UK data and calls to Tesco. However if you fail to use your allowance each month, the surplus does not roll over, so when you fix your monthly tariff don't set it to high!

having a Tesco capped contract means you can stay in control of your mobile bills as your monthly bill will never be more than the cost of the tariff you have selected. You can get the Tesco capped tariff on any Pay monthly phone or SIM only deal you add to your basket, just select "Yes, please cap my tariff" when checking out on the Tesco website to start enjoying a contract that youíre in control of.

For existing Tesco pay monthly customers, if the minimum term of your contract has expired, you can switch to a Tesco Mobile capped contract by calling the Tesco Customer Care team from your Tesco Mobile phone. If you're still within the minimum term of your contract, you'll be able to switch to a Capped contract once you've reached your minimum contract duration. If you ar a current capped flexible credit customer, you can switch to a capped contract at any time, just ensure you use up any remaining flexible credit before switching, as this will not roll over when transferred to your new capped contract. Please note some of the features on the old flexible capped contract are not compatible with the new Tesco capped contracts, for example, the 5 favourite numbers arenít available on capped. In addition once you change to a new capped contract you will not be able to switch back to the old flexible credit capped contract at a later date.

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