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Owned by Hutchison Whampoa, Three Mobile was launched in UK in 2003 and is one of the leading mobile network operators. This network operator boasts coverage of over ninety seven per cent of the whole of UK. Much of its popularity came with the 3G internet connection which by then was the most advanced. This internet connection came at a time when smart phones came about thus when sold as a package, Three mobile’s technical popularity rose. To be able to penetrate the market better, Three mobile changed its mobile handsets outlook coupled with high quality services thereby wooing many customers.

Three Mobile Products
Among the products available from Three mobile are: mobile phones, SIM plans, mobile broadband plans, phone upgrades and Laptops and tablets among others. On the support services, there is a variety of services ranging from mobile broadband, internet applications and pay as you go among others. These and many others are available from the online store which makes shopping easier and convenient. There are also shops and stores which enable customer’s to access Three mobile products and services on the high street. To be able to verify whether you can access the 3G connectivity in your area, Three mobile has the 3 coverage checker which is a tool which is designed to ensure customer confidence. Apart from the normal sales plans, Three mobile also offers credit plans on mobile phones and monthly plans.

With the 4G internet connectivity, Three mobile will only enhance or upgrade some parts of the 3G network such as video streaming, high density video calling and gaming. Among all these products and services, there is a point unknown to many that Three mobile offers terrific credit plans on SIMs, mobile phones and service contracts. This enables the customer to enjoy products they would not have afforded in normal circumstances while at the same time pay at their own pre agreed convenience.

What can Three Mobile offer bad credit customers?
Three Mobile offer a wide selection of modern Smartphone’s on a budget monthly plan. Three Mobile are also currently offering the lowest price pay monthly SIM contract which offers great acceptance rates. These two lines of deals really make Three mobile stand out as one of the best networks to apply with if you have bad credit. Our customers have had success apply with three mobile when they have had bad credit or CCJ’s, to find out if you are suited to applying with Three mobile simply fill out our application form by hitting the apply button.

Three Mobiles UK Coverage
As stated above, the main strength that Three mobile capitalised on is the internet connectivity based on the 3G connection. The 2G connection though seemingly phased out, it was the benchmark on which it established roaming agreements with other networks. This is no longer very crucial because the 3G connectivity is sufficient in areas where it was previously unavailable. With the advancement in innovation and keeping up with technological trends, Three mobile is in the process of rolling out the 4G network connection which has been made possible with the introduction of the new smart phones which support it. Expected to be in service by 2013, 4G will enable all internet based activities through the phone.

Three Mobile Loyalty Offers
Three mobile highly regards customer loyalty and in this effect has rewards programs in place. Customers are also not static and expect to be rewarded for their loyalty. In this regard, the company offers mobile gifts and mobile coupons including redeeming of points among others. Others are discounts are reduced prices on products and services.

Three Mobile Awards
The network continues to scoop awards which have come because of the high level of investments in both human and asset resources. Being a strong network especially on the internet connectivity, Three mobile continues to bag many awards such as number 1 network for 3G tablets, best network, best value mobile broadband and number 1network for mobile broadband among many others.

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