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T-Mobile Network

Initially starting as Mercury One2One, T-Mobile was founded after the merger of Orange UK and T-Mobile UK which where jointly owned by Deutsche and France Telekom companies. The emerging company after this merger became Everything Everywhere. With the huge financial muscle backing it, T-mobile is one of the biggest mobile and communications companies in the UK. Like many other corporations, the company has many subsidiaries which have over 150 million subscribers globally. In its expansion programme, T-mobile has partnered with other communications companies majorly because of its strong network coverage. In its marketing strategy, the company has T-mobile shops which are the designated outlets for sales of phones and network connections as well as it all in one online store.  

T-Mobile Products
To remain relevant in the market, T-mobile has many modernised products and services including the latest Smartphone’s and 4G coverage. Among these available products are pay as you go deals and pay monthly contracts, SIM only deals, and mobile broadband among others. In keeping up with the emerging market trends, T-mobile has tried to introduce new products and services such as music and sounds, value plans, smart phones among others. In the range of mobile phones, T-mobile keeps up with innovation by introducing the latest phones in the market such as the current IPhone 5. Many of these products do not move single handed but will require to be accompanies by others such as SIM cards which come with SIM contracts or Tablets which go with broadband contracts. Among the products sold by T-mobile, some come branded with the T-mobile brand. T-Mobile also offers its customers solutions in connection and handset problems mainly where replacements and technical cases are involved. Management of these services goes a long way in reducing the turn-around time in service provision. In rolling out the new and competitive 4G experience, T-mobile has endeavoured to be part of the first company to offer the service in the UK.  

What can T-Mobile offer people with bad credit?
We have found that T-Mobile is one of the best networks to get approved on with bad credit. If you have had any sort of credit issues in the past and are looking to get a new contract then we suggest that you apply directly with T-Mobile. For the best approval rates from T-Mobile try a SIM only contract or a low end monthly mobile contract. To apply direct with T-Mobile simply use our “apply now” page to get you started.  

T-Mobile UK Coverage
T-mobile being one of the biggest mobile communications companies in UK means that it has a wide coverage. Through its mother company, Everything Everywhere, t-mobile operates over seven hundred and twenty stores. With this vast network coverage, t-mobile has a customer base of over 27 million who subscribe to both mobile and fixed line services. In its network coverage, t-mobile also has broadband connection which constitutes about 11 million subscribers. Being the pioneers of mobile internet, the company boasts 99% of the population having 2G network coverage, 98% have 3G and 4G network currently being rolled out and expected to have national coverage by late 2013.  

T-Mobile customer loyalty programme
Customer loyalty is a factor that any company cannot afford to ignore because it one of the revenue drivers. At T-mobile customer loyalty is created using point based programmes and discounts in airtime and mobile devices. There is also the VIP Zone which was recently introduced with the same approach on discounts, offers and sweepstakes.  

T-Mobile Awards
T-mobile being a leading network operator has invested heavily in promotion programmes. This has been rewarded with positive revenues which have automatically placed in a position of recognition. This recognition has in the recent past come in the form of awards such as TV ad of the year in 2011 and JD Power’s best customer service.

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