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T-mobile "You Fix" Contracts

With T-Mobile You Fix contracts you never need to spend more than you want, you get a monthly bill that you fix, then simply top up if you need to. There is a choice of 12 month or 24 month You Fix contracts (obviously the phones and the deals are better on the longer contracts) along with inclusive minutes, texts and internet allowance, in much the same way as you do on a traditional mobile phone monthly contract. The You Fix contracts are also available on SIM only plans so you can keep your existing handset and swap to a fixed monthly cost. Great for kids where you can give them a great handset where you fix how much they spend on it each month.

The T-Mobile You Fix tariff stops you from running up unexpected charges outside of your allowance, available at 3 price points to suit all budgets, from 15.50 to 26.00 per month. All the You Fix tariffs come with a free flexible booster which can include unlimited texts or extra data allowance. The basic plan at 15.50 includes 75 inclusive any network minutes, free texts plus a flexible booster, the 20.50 per month plan ups the ante to 100 network minutes, the 26.00 per fixed contract includes 300 minutes.

Much like Pay as you go plans, if you want the latest smartphone on the T-Mobile You Fix contract, then you will have to contribute towards the cost of the handset. For example if you want the iPhone 4 8GB Black on a You Fix deal, you can get it for 26.00 per month which includes 300 minutes, unlimited texts, 60 T-Mobile minutes and 500 MB internet data, but you will need to pay a one off up front cost of 139.99 for the phone. But there are some decent handsets available for free, for example the BlackBerry Curve 9320 is available free of charge and 26.00 per month gives you unlimited Blackberry email, 500Mb internet data, 300 any network minutes plus 50 T-mobile minutes. Another great handset with no up front cost from T-Mobile is the Nokia Lumia 610, which you can have from just 15.50 with an inclusive 50 any network minutes, unlimited texts, 60 T-Mobile minutes and a monthly data allowance of 500 MB. The T-Mobile You Fix mobile contracts offer the best of both PAYG and monthly contract deals.

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