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With operations in many countries globally, Vodafone is originally British with its headquarters in London, UK. In 2011, it was the world’s second largest mobile network company by subscribers. With a huge investment base, Vodafone has been termed as the largest mobile provider in UK with a long history and vast network coverage. Internationally, the communications company has entered into pacts with other networks thus enabling it implement its services in new territories. The mergers and acquisitions have also enabled it to create additional value to customer investments. Vodafone offers mobile solutions in finance and many other areas as a result of its investment in innovation.  

Vodafone Products
Being a communications giant, Vodafone has many products and services depending on the country under scrutiny. In the UK, the main services are pay as you go plans, pay monthly contracts. In making these contracts attractive to customers, they have been rolled out as benefit or reward programmes with names such as Vodafone Passport, Vodafone VIP and Vodafone Data Traveller among others. In line with its diversification of services in many countries, Vodafone also offers roaming services. There have been hurdles however in roaming in other countries which has had a high operational cost to the company. Regardless of any costs that might befall it, Vodafone allows customers to upgrade contracts before expiry of existing ones. The pay as you go deals come enticing to the customer in that it gives an option of having a handset of choice coupled with flat pay monthly rates dependent on usage. Vodafone rates in the UK have been daunted as very affordable on voice calls, video calls, messaging and mobile internet. In the line of phones in countries where Vodafone operates, there are many products available such as the money transfer services and cheap mobile phones to suit the upcoming markets. This does not mean Vodafone is limited only these services in innovation because it is also in offering business solutions which cover many areas such as data security.  

What can Vodafone offer to bad credit customers?
Vodafone does have a vast worldwide business and numerous of customers from all types of backgrounds. However if you have bad credit then we suggest that Vodafone is not the best network for you to try and apply to. We Suggest to try a networks such as T-Mobile, Orange, Virgin or Three Mobile as from our knowledge these companies tend to have the best understanding of bad credit customers circumstances on the market. Try applying now to see which companies best suit your needs and apply direct.  

Vodafone Coverage
Vodafone’s lead in the communications company has been as a result of strategic planning and right investment which has seen it have an excellent 99% 2G network coverage and 80% 3G network coverage in the UK. In its plans to roll out the new 4G network, Vodafone has partnered with O2 is sharing masts and estimates to have 98% coverage of homes in UK. In its future plans, the company estimates to have a combined coverage of 2G, 3G and 4G at an overall 98% of the whole population in UK.  

Vodafone Loyalty Programme
Like every other business, Vodafone has loyalty programmes aimed at luring customers to buy their products and services. Among these programmes are tickets to best events in UK such as Formula 1, offers and discounts on products, Vodafone passport which allows migration with UK price plans to other countries and many more.  

Vodafone Awards
Winning for Vodafone comes as second nature with different sectors bagging several awards in the history of the company. In the recent past, some of the awards won have been ‘best mobile money for the unbanked service’, ‘best operator led MMT project’ and ‘the most inventive marketing campaign’ among others.

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